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The Diehold Foundation was created in 1997 to accomplish four major goals:

1. Fund geological expeditions to gather information on the past climate and biomass of selected regions of the earth. The period of interest is from 10,000 BP to 120,000 BP. The collection of samples are tested and C14 dated. We believe we can determine what side of the earth will be facing the sun when it novas during the next geomagnetic reversal (polar reversal). This will be done by collecting sediment samples from around the world to look for the small glass beads (.1-1 mm) thrown off by the nova. These are the same glass beads that were found on the Moon. The result will be a report or other publication and videos for public distribution. The work and research is performed by foundation employees/volunteers or contract professionals.

Green glass beads found on the Moon and also the Earth. Other colors and shapes were found on both but all came from the Sun when it Novaed.

2. The second reason is to research gravitational anomalies found in the U.S. and the world as defined in the book Gravitational Mystery Spots of the United States of the United State by Douglas Vogt. The research will include expeditions to these sites for the purpose of testing and data collection. The results will be for publication. We believe these gravitational anomalies are the result of a very highly advanced technology by a previous civilization.

3. The third reason is to fund research covering the causes of the past ice ages, geomagnetic reversals (polar reversals), mass extinction’s, and other phenomena related to the polar reversals. The objective of the research is to find a causal relationship between geological cycles and astronomical cycles within an informational theory of existence such as the Theory of Multidimensional Reality. The research includes ancient human history centered around such cycles and its effects on man. The result will be reports or other publication for public distribution.

4. The purpose for the Foundations’ research is to see if global warming is caused by a collapsing magnetic field on the Earth and the Sun which will eventually culminate in a geomagnetic reversal then an ice age on the Earth. Reports and videos will be made as the research progresses.


Professional Membership

The Diehold Foundation and Douglas Vogt are proud professional members of the Geological Society of America.


Strange Turn of Events in Research

     You may wonder why a science foundation whose goals are to study the causes of the ice ages, polar reversals and develop an information theory of existence would get involved in studying the Torah, bible, Old Testament. The reasons are what the founder discovered about the Hebrew Alphabet. He also discovered that the exact number of years between geomagnetic reversals were embedded, as code in the surface story of the Torah. The second discovery was that the Hebrew alphabet and the Torah is the product of a very highly advanced previous civilization that had the same information theory of existence as the one we are developing, the Theory of Multidimensional Reality. There is much more to the whole explanation and the books and videos present the whole story.


The Hebrew Alphabet is the Key

     After eight years of research and testing our founder discovered that the Hebrew alphabet is the result of 22 views of a waveform that is a modified square wave. This waveform is superimposed on a toroid shape that represents how a carbon atom modulates into this dimension. This part of our research is found in the book Creation of the Hebrew Alphabet. The Library of Congress indexed this book Quantum Computing and that is exactly what is described in the book. The Hebrew alphabet and the Torah is the product of a very highly advanced previous civilization that once lived on the Earth. The important part of this research is that this advanced civilization must have had the same information philosophy of existence as explained in the Theory of Multidimensional Reality or else Mr. Vogt could not have discovered its origin. Abraham purchased the Cave of Machpelah not just as a burial site but really because of the technology found deep inside.

22-views of this wave form superimposed on the toroid shape, creates the Hebrew alphabet. The toroid shape represents how a carbon atom comes into this dimension. The book and videos explain the whole thing.

Ramifications to the Hebrew Scriptures.

     We discovered the number of years between geomagnetic reversals in 1994 to be 12,068 years. This number surprisingly appeared in the Torah in code. The next question was: How did a late Bronze Age man know the exact number of years between reversals? Therefore, we started to look closer at the Torah. We discovered 10 code systems Moses used in writing the surface story of the Torah. This information is explained in Moses and the Ten Code Systems. This lead us to discover the greatest hidden secret in the Torah that related to our primary work. The Torah has in it a way of saving ourselves from the worst parts of the reversal and resulting ice age. The Torah actually has embedded in it the exact month, day and year for the next polar reversal. These are the reasons we had to investigate the Torah and find out what it really was.

Diehold Foundation, Inc.

Days to the Next Polar Reversal.


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Diehold Foundation, Inc.
Diehold Foundation, Inc.