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Creation of the Hebrew Alphabet

Creation of the Hebrew Alphabet

The Library of Congress cataloged this book: Quantum computing; Hebrew language--Alphabet--Philosophy; Civilization, Ancient.


In spite of the name of the title the book is showing that the Torah and the letters are part of a computer [program for a quantum computer. The tablets and the letters are the product of a very ancient highly advanced civilization. This civilization had the same information theory of existence that the author, Mr. Vogt, explains in the Theory of Multidimensional Reality.


The Religious and Scientific discoveries Revealed in this Book

     Moses told us that the two tablets were the work of God, and the writing was the writing of God. That means Moses did not create the design of the 22 letters on the two tablets and he did not create the sequence of symbols on them either. He used the design of the 22 symbols as an alphabet by giving them sound values. The result of his actions was that the Hebrew alphabet was the world’s first alphabet. This alphabet is the first physical evidence we have that a very highly advanced civilization once lived on Earth. This is the first and only book that proves why the Torah is so holy.

      Creation of the Hebrew Alphabet, reveals what the Torah really is and by doing so, the surface story entirely disappears. The only part of the surface story that has importance is the Genesis Garden of Eden story of Adam and Eve. The Garden of Eden story told us who were the people who put this technology into the family burial cave. If you read the authors previous book, Moses and the Ten Code Systems, you will learn that the burial cave is located in Mount Sinai and nowhere else.

     Most students in secular universities, as well as religious seminaries are not taught about code systems within ancient writings. Instructors teach the surface history from textbooks that usually do not deviate from the “acceptable theories” of history or archeology. Sometimes a scholar will give one of his or her prize student some clues or hints that there is some code system within a particular work, but this is very rare. More often than not the professor does not know of them either.


Computer Science Part of the Discovery.

     The title of this book, Creation of the Hebrew Alphabet does not sound like a physics or computer science book but that is exactly what it is. The Library of Congress indexed the book “Quantum Computing” QA76.889 V64, which is exactly what was discovered. A short explanation is necessary. It is impossible to discover what the author has discovered with out his Theory of Multidimensional Reality, the first information theory of existence. The first version of this theory was presented in 1978 in the book Reality Revealed: the Theory of Multidimensional Reality. Using this theory the author was able to discover the model that created the 22-letters of the Hebrew alphabet. In case you do not remember what Moses wrote about the two tablets in Exodus 32:16 “And the tablets were the work of God, and the writing was the writing of God, graven upon the tablets.” Moses was telling us that he did not create the design of the original letters or the sequence of letters on the two tablets. It took seven years to figure it all out. To be brief, the Torah is a computer program for a light-based quantum computer. What Abraham had found was a deep cave that contained the technology of a very highly-advanced previous civilization.

     To be brief, the Hebrew alphabet is based on a modified square wave that represents how an atom comes into this dimension. The red spikes represent our matter world and also Planck’s constant.

     The atom comes into this dimension as a round electrostatic-like ball made up of hundreds to thousands of different frequencies which trace out a toroid. The dark line superimposed on the Toroid shown below represents the modified square wave shown above.

     There is a two step process you have to go through to reveal what the letters really form. The Twenty-two views (vectors) of this waveform produce the original 22-letters, but we are not done yet. All of these views are really vectors, so the author had to convert the vectors to a plane, using a formula mentioned in the book.  After deriving all the planes for all 22-letters, the next step is replaced the letters with the corresponding planes and and see the shapes they create. This process revealed that the 22-letters were grouped into three very distinctive geometric shapes listed next shown below. Ten of the letters form an eight sided prism with a top and bottom. You will also notice it is a very organized patters you view the toroid to reveal the ten letters.

     Eight of the letters form a perfect octahedron with sloping angles of 52.661 degrees. the slope angles of the Great Pyramid in Egypt has a current slope angle of 52.606 degrees. Who ever built the Great Pyramid had the same science philosophy as the authors information theory of existence.  When you look at the octahedron perpendicular to one of its sides you see the Star of David. What David was telling us was one of the geometric shapes that eight of the letters form.

     The last four letters are the least used letters in the Torah, and they form a pyramid, and offset 45-degrees from the octahedron. when you superimpose the two pyramids together and view it from the top you see the origin of the Mandela found all over Asia and the Sub-continent. Now you know th origin of the Mandela.

     These three shapes cannot be an accident or pure chance. The next step was substituting the letters for the planes. The result we see are functional representations of light-based processes used in quantum computing and even in some solid-state designs. A very few of these shapes are listed below. There are many hundreds of permutations and combinations of these designs found throughout the Torah. The authors conclusion is the Torah is a very small part of a computer program designed by a very highly-advanced previous civilization used for quantum computing of some sort.


Caption below: This is what the phrase "in the mount" looks like after converting the letters to their corresponding planes. This is an exact schematic of an NPN or PNP transistor.

Caption: This is what the name "Abraham" looks like. notice it incorporates the same letters for "in the mount."

Caption: This is the word "saying" or "speak."


     The book has many more pictures of the most common words and letter combination in the Torah. There are also charts showing the waveform compared to the past and present Hebrew letter forms. So far of all the people who read this book, no one has disagreed with the conclusion of the author. The table of contents is listed below.

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Table of Contents, Sample Chapter has a link:

Chapter 1   Creation of the First Alphabet 1

Chapter 2   The Scientific Foundation of the Hebrew Alphabet 11

Chapter 3   Hebrew Legends of the Alphabet 19

Chapter 4   The Design Formation of the Letters 23

Chapter 5   Layout of the Symbols on the Tablets 55

Chapter 6   Converting Vectors to Planes 61

Chapter 7   What is the Torah? 83

Chapter 8   Questions of Authorship of the Torah 89

Chapter 9   Dating the Torah Tablets and the Information 101

Chapter 10   Conclusion 107

Appendix A  Defining the Eight Dimensions 109

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Creation of the Hebrew Alphabet
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