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The Theory of Multidimensional Reality

     The Theory of Multidimensional Reality is the world’s first purely information theory of existence. It states that matter is not the dominant thing in our Universe, but rather information creates our matter world. This book is the culmination of 46 years of study resulting in logical explanations for the hardest phenomena known. This is the third iteration of the theory. The author first presented the theory in his first book, Reality Revealed, the Theory of Multidimensional Reality in 1977. He further refined the theory in the 2007 book God’s Day of Judgment, the Real Cause of Global Warming. That book used the theory to explain what causes the geomagnetic reversals (polar reversals) and why they precede the ice ages. Also in that book is the exact number of years between reversals explained by the discovery of a clock cycle in the Universe that causes the geomagnetic reversals.

     The theory is able to explain the most difficult phenomena using the same philosophic framework. His friend who is a physicist, told him, after reading his second iteration, that he had discovered the philosophy that string theorists have been looking for. The theory does much more. It unites parts of quantum mechanics with parts of string theory. It does it by first assuming that the universe is the product of information and the information forms the matter world we live in.


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Video 1A Defining the Problem in Science Philosophy

Video 1B, Finding the Clock Cycle, the Secret of the Universe.

Video 1B Postscript to Finding the Clock Cycle, the Secret of the Universe. What it means to Science and Society.

Video 1C, Theory of Multidimensional Reality the First Four Dimensions, how the Atom is created in the 3rd Dimension.

Video 1D, Theory of Multidimensional Reality, The Fifth through Eighth Dimensions and what Causes Gravity.

Video 1E, What is Light in the Theory of Multidimensional Reality, Size of the Atoms.

Video 1F, What are the Subatomic Particles. Are we in a Hologram explained by the Theory of Multidimensional Reality.

Video 1G, Quasars, Black Holes, String Theory and are we in a Hologram explained by the Theory of Multidimensional Reality.


 A very brief explanation follows.

     The information comes into this dimension along the y axis which is 90 degrees out-of-phase from the matter world, the z axis. The following graph depicts this idea. Time can be simply explained as the rate at which information is modulated into our existence.




















     String theory starts by assuming that a one dimensional string vibrates at a specific frequency and traces out a plane or vibrating ring shown below. Each frequency creates a different subatomic particle.










     Closed-end string theory attaches two opposite sides to form a tube. The author's theory takes the tube and connects the two open ends together to form a toroid shown below.

















     The theory holds that hundreds or thousands of separate frequencies form each atom. It is  transmitted on a carrier wave that pulses at a common frequency, which we will assume is Planck’s time. An Italian team at EPFL led by Fabrizio Carbone was able to capture the first-ever snapshot of the dual behavior of light. Notice that regardless of the color frequency change, they all pulse at the same rate. The Theory of Multidimensional Reality successfully explains what light is and why it possesses both wave and particle properties.


















    The theory and the evidence presented in the book prove that our reality is the product of a synchronistic system that has clock cycles in it. The German gravitational wave detector observatory, called GEO600 came to the conclusion that the detected “noise” could not be explained until the idea was proposed by Juan Maldacena that the “noise” was the result of the possibility that our Universe was a hologram. My information theory of existence proves it.

     In 1989 Mr. Vogt discovered evidence of the main clock cycle in the universe. He discovered six blank periods in space where no stars were visible from 977 to 1304 light years. The stars are there and there is a reason we cannot see them, which is explained in this book and in the 2007 book God’s Day of Judgment, the real cause of global warming. Among the six blank periods, four of them are 12,068 light years apart. This is hard evidence of the clock cycles in the universe.























     The author was also able to discover the same 12,068-year cycle in the sunspot cycles. A sunspot cycle is 11.09 years, eight of them is called a Gleissberg cycle, equaling 88.732 years, 136 Gleissberg cycles total 12,068 years. The sunspot cycle is a resynchronizing frequency. The Gleissberg cycle is a synchronizing frequency and it is synchronized to the main clock cycle. The 2007 book explained what causes the geomagnetic reversals and why they correspond to the ice ages. He presents evidence from the science journals that show six reversals and ice ages that C14 date to a 12,000-year repeating cycle. He has discovered the clock cycle three different ways, which is hard to disprove.


Kirlian Photography

     Another piece of evidence is the phantom leaf effect of Kirlian photography. I know this phenomenon has been ignored by the science community, but it should not be. It is a repeatable experiment. It shows the cut off missing part of the leaf is still visible as bubbles and streamers of light, even though no matter is present. It does bring to question, what is light if no matter is present. The book explains what the phantom is, using the Theory of Multidimensional Reality. What the phantom leaf effect proves is that the information for the “conscious” part of the leaf is still being transmitted for a few seconds to the same coordinates in time and space. This cannot happen unless the information for the whole leaf is being transmitted from another dimension into our created reality.


A complete explanation of these phenomena and many other are explained in the book.


    The book takes the theory and applies it to all the hard phenomena, such as: What is light, time, gravity, it redefines the dimensions, the energy output of quasars, how the atom is created in this dimension, and many others. The author calls this information theory of existence a foundation philosophy that all other sciences will build upon and will replace the matter-oriented theory of existence currently taught.


     If you are a physicist, physics professor or a science teacher and would like to use this book as a text book, we offer discounts to schools and colleges.


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Table of Contents, Sample Chapter has a link:

Chapter 1   Defining the Problem and Recognizing there is a Problem.  3

Chapter 2   The Theory of Multidimensional Reality,   17

Chapter 3   The Atom and how it is created,    51

Chapter 4   Why was the Universe created?    77

Appendix A    Table of Stars   85

Appendix B    The elements Spectral Lines.   91

Appendix C    Spectral lines of the Carbon Atom.   97

Appendix D    Unusual proof of the Carrier wave.  99


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