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Decoding the Hebrew Scriptures

Volume II, Joseph and Slavery for the Hebrews

ISBN 9780930808181, paperback, 108 pages.


The complete table of contents is listed below.


     Volume II covers what really was the gift that Jacob gave Joseph and why Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery and who Joseph was in Egypt. It also covers who was the person who purchased Joseph as a servant and plaything, why he chose the Egyptian name Sanmut, what he did with some of the gold he received for the sale of the grain and where he put it. Also covers who were the Ephraimites and why did some of them morph into another tribal identity. Who was Aaron and Moses really related to, and finally why did eleven of the original twelve tribes become slaves.

     About 23 percent of Genesis is directly or indirectly about Joseph and what he did in Egypt. There is a very good reason for this. It is because of who Joseph was in Egypt and what he did as Prime Minister. It also answers why eleven of the twelve tribes went into slavery but not his two sons. By the end of the slavery period, when the Exodus occurred in 1306 B.C.E., there were only ten of the original eleven tribes left besides Joseph's two sons. You must ask the question why did Moses count the two sons as separate tribes. It should have been the tribe of Joseph and everyone should have asked ask that question. This Volume will answer why, plus may other unanswered questions about who Joseph had the affair with, what he did with most of the money he collected from the sale of the grain and who Aaron and Moses was really related to.

One of the chapters explains what the idol was that Rebeca stole from her father and that was the real gift Jacob gave Joseph—not a coat.

     On Egyptian history, the book covers who was the Pharaoh that made Joseph prime minister of Egypt and who was the Pharaoh who enslaved eleven of the Hebrew tribes and why the pharaoh did it. The author explains why Joseph told his brothers “God has made me father to pharaoh.” He was not kidding.

     After reading this book you will look at Joseph and the Ephriamites totally different.

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Table of Contents, Sample Chapter has a link:


Preface, vi

1   Biblical Background     1

   Unraveling a family’s deep-dark secret,  2

   The First Clues,  3

   Jacob,  4


2   Joseph, 5

   Joseph’s exile into Egypt and his Meteoric rise to power,  8

   Amassing the greatest fortune in history,  12

   Battles with the tribes of the east,  16

   What about the Hebrews in Egypt?,  16


3    Dating the Events and the People,  19

   The Hebrew Scriptures Surface Story,  19

   Egyptian History, The Historical Dating Problems,  21

   The Name Manetho,  22

   The Name Plutarch,  23

   The Name Flavius Josephus,  23

   The Hyksos,  25

   The Background of the fictional Hyksos,  27

   The Actual Egyptian Names for the Hebrews,  28


4   The Eighteenth Dynasty, 31

   Tuthmoses II (also Tuthmosis or Thutmoses) 1502 to 1492 B.C.E,  32

   Relationships,  35

   Hatshepsut the only Woman Pharaoh,  35

   Co-Regency to Sole Ruler and Pharaoh,  37

   The Land of Punt and prosperity for Egypt,  40

   Her Tomb,  41

   Tuthmoses III,  43

   Battle of Megiddo,  45

   Revenge,  46


5   Senmut and Joseph, 47

   Senmut’s Tombs,  49

   Senmut’s Special Relationship with the Hatshepsut’s daughter  Neferura,  51

   Senmut as Chief Steward of Amun,  52

   Senmut’s Relation with Hatshepsut,  53

   Their relationship,  55

   Joseph,  55

   What did Joseph do?,  55

   Who was Senmut?,  56

   Proof that Senmut was Joseph,  59

   Who was Potiphar and Poti-phera,  59

      Poti-phera,  60

      The Butler and the Baker Story,  61

   Asenath, the Wife of Joseph,  0062

   Joseph’s New Name,  63

   Joseph’s Children,  63

   Jacob’s age at death,  64

   Section Conclusion,  66


6  What did Joseph do and what was Baal-Zephon? ,  67

   Baal-zephon,  68

   Where did Esau live?,  74

   The meaning of Joseph’s name,  77


7    Piecing the whole story together,  79

   Time-Table,  79

   How long were the Hebrews Slaves?,  85

   The Tribe of Ephraim,  86

   The Ephraimites and how they were related to Aaron and Moses,  86

   The Line of Levi,  87

   Amram and Jochebed, problems with the family tree,  91

   The Line of Ephraim,  92

   Moses’ Pre-Exodus History,  92

   What you know can incriminate you,  93

   Solving the Puzzle,  95

   Aaron’s past live in Egypt,  98

   It is in Aaron’s Name,  98

   Evolution of the word Levi,  102

   Family names,  102


Appendix A, Moses Ten Code Systems, 105


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